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BBC; Work Experience Opportunities in Salford within Business Support

Job Introduction

Welcome to Work Experience opportunities in Salford within Business & Support. If you’re interested in research, archives, broadcast technology and getting some great practical experience on your CV, you’ve come to the right place.

Role Responsibility

Every placement is different, but your Work Experience will give you a great overview of Business & Support. You’ll get involved in researching and project work. You may get the chance to watch broadcasts go out on air and understand the production process

During your online application, you will have the opportunity to choose your placement and tell us about the things you’re really interested in.

The Ideal Candidate

We want people who are creative, keen to learn and are up for a challenge. In Business & Support we work in teams where everyone has a role to play. We’re looking for people who are friendly and good communicators.

We work at a fast pace. So you’ll need to be enthusiastic and motivated to keep up.

We take our jobs seriously and really enjoy what we do. If you’re passionate about Business & Support areas of the BBC and are prepared to work hard, ask lots of questions and contribute ideas, you’ll fit right in.


You don’t need a media qualification to apply. You just need to be able to show us that you’re passionate about Business & Support areas of the BBC and have a genuine desire to find out what the industry has to offer.

Please use your Careers Hub profile and application questionnaire to tell us about any volunteer work you’ve done or projects you’ve been a part of. Remember to use the portfolio section to upload any examples of your work.

We have placements available in the following area:

BBC Archives, Salford (May & June only – over 18)

BBC Archives’ role is to provide to the BBC a diverse range of media asset management services.  These support the programme making process and ensure that our valuable content, including television, radio, online material and photographs is stored and made accessible for research, reuse and heritage purposes.  Media Managers are embedded archives staff who work in production departments.  This placement offers the opportunity to understand the role of the Media Manager and the services we provide to our customers, whilst also providing an insight into the production process.  As such the placement holder will shadow Media Managers in the different production areas in which they operate at Media City. There will also be some project work making use of the skills they will learn in this placement.

How to apply

Choose one of the options above and make a note of it. After you’ve created your profile, we’ll ask you which placement you want to apply for as part of your application questionnaire. Enter the option you’ve chosen.

What happens to my application after I submit it?

We’ll review your application and if we think you might be right for one of our placements, we’ll give you a call.

Please remember that we receive a lot of applications and we can’t offer a placement to everyone.

Package Description

  • Work Experience duration 3-10 days (dependent on the placement)
  • Locations – Various BBC buildings across Salford
  • Opportunities available throughout  October, November & December
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