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D-word conferences

The aim of D Word Conferences are to put diversity firmly on the agenda for the industry’s key decision makers.

The conferences are for journalists and students with aspirations of joining the sports media, PR practitioners, media industry diversity experts, equality campaigners and decision makers across the broadcast media and press.

BCOMS is committed to changing the status through the D Word conferences with the purpose of;

  • Developing relationships with media organisations, educational establishments, existing trade union bodies and key decision-makers
  • Promoting the message that a more diverse workforce is proven to yield better results
  • Creating pathways and mentoring young people seeking a career in sports media
  • Innovative networking, sharing contacts and opportunities

Keys to success

The conferences are designed to improve dialogue and discussion around diversity in the sports media. Now that diversity in the sports media is on the table as an issue – it is time to focus on working collaboratively to address under-representation.

By using our broad network of expertise within different media channels we know that we together as a group can help each other make a positive change.

The argument against diversity has always been that employers want The Best. But The D Word challenged

decision makers to focus on redefining what we mean by Best. Because for too long Best, or those with the potential to be The Best have been sidelined or ignored. If the industry truly wants The Best, they are going to have to invest in new ways of finding talent.

Of course, a talking shop is of limited use. Instead, The D Word seeks practical outcomes, positive solutions, advice and recommendations. So BCOMS put together a guide to reflect some of the important ideas generated. We hope it will help the sports media to make a difference.

The D Word Guide will be live very soon.
Please check back for your copy.

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