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The D Word 3 was a one-day conference for journalists, students, senior decision-makers across the sports media, social media influencers, academics, PR practitioners and diversity experts.

The Black Collective of Media in Sport held its one-day conference, the D Word 3, during FARE’s #FootballPeople weeks.

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Industry leaders including Simon Green, Head of BT Sport, Shaun Custis, Head of Sport at The Sun Newspaper, Ebony Amoroso, Head of HR at Endeavor, Louise Sutton, Editor of BBC One’s Final Score, Robbie Lyle, Founder of AFTV Media, Samantha Johnson, Broadcaster for TRT Media and Reshmin Chowdhury, Broadcaster for BBC Sport and BT Sport discussed ways to increase diversity in UK sports media, journalism and broadcasting, and will bring together journalists, students, academics, diversity experts and others to discussed pathways to greater diversity and inclusivity in the industry.

The conference’s theme was ‘The Future’ where the debate focussed on how to have a more diverse sports media and how to improve the quality of journalism and broadcasting across the industry.

BCOMS researched 338 roles across broadcast and written media who covered specific events – FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympics and Paralympics, Wimbledon, Commonwealth Games and the inaugural European Championships.

These figures that we compiled are based on the eight major national newspaper titles and the leading broadcasting networks – with coverage rights sent to cover these major sporting events.

Headlines from our research include:

  • 0 BAME females across 109 roles in the newspapers.
  • 1 Black writer across 63 roles at the FIFA World Cup.
  • 3 Female Writers from the UK Sports Media went to the FIFA World Cup
  • 5 of the 338 roles given to Black sports journalists without a professional sports background. (1.8%)
  • 7 of the 338 roles given to Asian sports journalists. (2%)

The D Word 3 conference explored this, as well as the evolution of sports media, the growth of digital platforms and advancements in technology.

The situation across Europe was analysed in a series of special sessions hosted by the Executive Director of the Fare network, Piara Powar.

The discussions will lead to BCOMS producing a diversity guide for the sports media to refer to for leading advice and guidance to help diversify the industry to be released in 2019.

The initiative was funded by IMG, the Fare network and Refresh Films and organised as part of the Football People weeks.

Mert Ahmet – LFC TV Studio Visit
Mert Ahmet – LFC TV Studio Visit
BCOMS x ARSENAL Masterclass 🏟️
BCOMS x ARSENAL Masterclass 🏟️
BCOMS Masterclass Impact Report  – New Research Into Diversity In Sports Media
BCOMS Masterclass Impact Report – New Research Into Diversity In Sports Media
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