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Voluntary Football Sports Journalist position

Evolution Soccer

Position: Voluntary Football Sports Journalist position

Evolution Soccer has been created to bring together the global football community with the main objectives being to provide members with the opportunity to network, share knowledge, experience and resources.


The group consists of three key areas; online resources & network opportunities, coach delivery and coach education. Each area is devised to support the other and in turn support the group’s members.


As the organisation grows the number of resources and opportunities will increase for all of those involved and therefore Evolution Soccer is currently seeking individuals to help grow & develop the company’s brand the writing of football articles that entice readers to the Evolution Soccer group.


Job Description

  • Gather, write and produce material in fair, accurate and balanced manner
  • Ability to write detailed and exciting sports reports on classic matches and professionals, current affairs, popular trends and partner with professionals to report on subjects related to the football industry
  • Ability to work to work to deadlines
  • Promote their work and the Evolution Soccer brand across all forms of social media in order to generate maximum exposure of reports and the brand
  • Produce reports following webinars, podcasts and Evolution Soccer meets
  • Ability to network with associated industry professionals and work alongside them to report on associated industries such as sports science, psychology, coaching, nutrition etc


Person Specification

Evolution Soccer is looking for individuals to help promote the organisation within the local, regional and national football community at both a grassroots and professional level.


We are looking for individuals who can report from a number of different angles as well as have the ability to market their work and increase the profile of the Evolution Soccer brand in the football world.


The position is currently voluntary but may develop into a paid position as the organisation grows.



  • Free membership to Evolution Soccer website (currently in development)
  • Free use of Evolution Soccer app (currently in development)
  • Free invitation to annual Evolution Soccer coaching conference (planned for July 2017)
  • Heightened profile within the local, regional & national football community. With an increased contact base the Regional Manager will be able to seek greater opportunities within their industry
  • Opportunity to promote his or her self and their own organisation through media articles released on Evolution Soccer
  • Access to all online Evolution soccer resources

*References and examples of previous work must be submitted as part of application along with resume outlining previous experience.

To apply please email Laurence Griffin on lauriegriffin232@gmail.com

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The D Word 4 Guide Is Available!
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