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Photojournalism programme: Our Content – Change the Game

Purpose of the programme

  • To challenge the current underrepresentation of certain groups within sports media and photojournalism
  • Representation is especially low amongst females, the LGBTQ+ community and some BAME groups
  • This programme is supported by the Mayor of London
  • We aim to test how you can change the narrative in the images to be more reflective of themselves and our diverse community
  • Classroom-based masterclasses where participants will learn sports photography techniques and skills – led by photographer Ernest Simons
  • Exclusive access to some of London’s major sporting events
  • Potential employment opportunities


  • Personal images of participants will be used in photography and filming during the programme for any promotions and to report on activities as part of the programme evaluation process. Participants will be expected to provide consent at the outset of the programme.


  • We are recruiting 2 cohorts of young people, aged 14-18 years old and 19-25 years old, from a range of backgrounds. The programme will be targeted at but not limited to these groups.

Main Activities and Responsibilities

  • 12 Week photojournalism course, starting week commencing Monday 20th January 2020
  • Classes will take place every 2 weeks, in the evening and will last up to 2.5 hours
  • Classes will take place in locations in East & North West London, with additional sessions across the city
  • Participants expected to attend a minimum of 10 out of 12 classroom sessions
  • Sports events will mainly be on weekends but may take place during weekdays, evenings, or during holiday periods
  • Sports events may last for several hours and require travel across London. Any event-related travel compensation will be considered.

Ready to apply?

  • Applicants need to tell their story through a photographic image or series of images. You will need to write a short passage about the image(s), as well as detailing your interest in the project and why they should be considered against the person specification given below. This should be between 400-600 words.
  • We’re looking for creativity and passion The image(s) could be taken from a phone, camera or a magazine. Please send the image(s), supporting information, and complete monitoring form below to ladi.ajayi@youngbrentfoundation.org.uk by 23:59 on 18 December 2019. No submissions after this deadline will be considered.

Person specification
Selection criteria
A. Aged 14-25 years old
B. Live within the Greater London Authority boundary
C. Able to attend the 12-week (bi-weekly) course starting from week
commencing 20th January 2020
D. Those aged 14-18 years old should have a keen interest in sports, sport
photography, and story-telling
E. Those aged 19-25 years old should have a focused interest in sport photography/film, be studying or have studied in this field, and be looking for a career in this field

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The D Word 4 Guide Is Available!
The D Word 4 Guide Is Available!
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