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BCOMS in the North: a development programme for 18-25-year-olds currently under-represented in the sports media

What is it?
The Black Collective of Media in Sport (BCOMS) believe there should be a better
representation of our diverse society in the media and are offering places on a series of
development sessions for young people based in the North of England aiming to start a career
in the sports media. While the participants of elite-level sports are largely diverse – there is an
under-representation of people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, LGBTQ+ and other under-
represented communities in the sports media.

We are looking to engage a new cohort of young people from the North of England for a
series of masterclasses and training delivered by industry experts. The intention is to give
successful applicants an insight into the profession, and hopefully create opportunities for
employment within the sector.

This first BCOMS programme specifically aimed at the North of England is being supported by
BBC Sport, whose HQ is in MediaCity, Salford.

Who can apply?
BCOMS are recruiting people aged 18-25 to specifically address the underrepresentation of
people from Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, LGBTQ+ and other under-represented communities
in the sports media.

What will the development sessions cover?
There will be a minimum of 5 development sessions, each 90 minutes long, with the first one
commencing in July 2021. The sessions will be organised and run by freelance sports
commentator, Tom Gayle, on behalf of BCOMS, with the help of various sports broadcast
specialists from across BBC Sport. All of the participants will be able to take advantage of
informal mentoring by Tom and his colleagues at BCOMS.

The sessions will involve training and briefings on different aspects of the sports broadcast
media (e.g. writing stories, live texting, feature production, research & analysis, production
management, on-air etc.) across TV, radio and digital/social platforms. Each session will also
have task-based exercises for participants to put those learnings into practice.

What skills/experience do I need to apply?
BCOMS selection criteria for this programme will include:

  • A proven interest in the field of sports broadcasting and/or sports journalism – and the variety of broadcasting/online content that comes with both.
  • A proactive, enthusiastic, ambitious and creative individual.
  • An understanding of social media and other digital communication platforms – in particular how younger audiences engage with content via these media.
  • Strong organisational and time management skills.
  • Enjoy being a part of a team and have a positive, collaborative and engaging approach to working with colleagues.
  • An eye for a good story.
  • A passion for sport.

How do I apply?
To apply to join the programme, please send us your CV and describe, in no more than 200
words (written, audio or video) your favourite sporting moment.
Applications should be sent to info@BCOMS.co by 23:59 on Tuesday 22th June 2021.

The D Word 4 Guide Is Available!
The D Word 4 Guide Is Available!
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